The apartments at Kirch Neuhaus are of different sizes. The 2 smaller ones are fitted with a large bedroom and a fully equipped living-in-kitchen, with an electric cooker, refrigerator with freezer, coffee maker, kitchenware, cutlery and a TV. They are further fitted with an entrance hall, a balcony and the bathroom is equipped with a bath, toilet, washbasin, bidet and a washing machine. These apartments are in size ideal for 2 persons, but can eventually also be occupied by up to 4 persons.
Our under the roof apartment at Kirch Neuhaus is a bit larger. It is further equipped with an additional bedroom and is therefore ideal for families or groups until 5 persons.
Our largest apartment has 3 double-bedrooms, 1 single-bedroom, living-in-kitchen, entrance room, bathroom, a balcony and a terrace. This apartment is in size ideal for families or groups until 7 persons.